Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites!

I can't believe it Octobers over! How quick was that, i don't think I'm actually ready for November just yet! Although we are now only a month away from crimbo and my Birthday! Yippie ... Anyway heres a few of this past months favourites for you! 

Although October had a few sunny days it just wasn't enough to keep my skin from returning to its natural milk bottle shade as it always does around winter! So to stop me looking like a snowman i like to top up on a gradual tan and this past month I've been loving he-Shi given to me last year by my housemate i forgot just how good it is! He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan will compliment and boost your bronzed glow, Day to Day Gradual Tan is a 3 in 1 self tanner, tan extender and moisturiser. This triple action lotion evens out skin tones, to gradually build a light bronzed complexion. Aaaaand It can also be used to maintain an existing self tan or to top up your colour between self tan applications. 

This winter weather doesn't just effect my skin tone, it also likes to dry my hair out which isn't great! To combat this I've bee n using the wonderful Argan Secret - Miracle 10 Leave In Spray TreatmentThis stuff is amazing it really does deserve its name because it has 10 significant benefits to your hair. It Improves Shine, Strenghens damaged hair, Smooths unruly hair, moisturises all hair types, protects from the Sun and wind, Detangles, prevents split ends, seals in your hair colour, eliminates Frizz, Its Great for swimmers, and it also stops your hair burning when using irons...not to mention it smells GREAT!  Yes i know thats over 10 uses/ reasons to love but don't forget it is a MIRACLE!!

Yankees Black Coconut has been my home fragrance favourite lately! 'Sunset in paradise ... rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility' is what they at yankee and its so true! I love the scent of coconut and this product really doesn't fail to impress! An overall great scent with no wick needed, Simply place one or two wax tarts in a wax burner and light a unscented tea light below. As the tarts melt, they release their scent and can last for up to 8 hours! 

Essie Urban Jungle, I know this is from their summer collection, but i recently added it to my 'step into autumn with new nails' post! I did it because the colour is so versatile i think it works perfectly for autumn winter too! Its a lovely twist on the usual nude nail and will go with any outfit - overall just fab!

Last but not least my beloved White Musk Smoky Rose from The Body Shop, I'm normally not a massive fan of the musk collection from TBS i feel it reminds me of grannies ...but this cool new edited scent to me feels a lot more sexy and up to date! - never thought id use the words grannie and sexy in the same paragraph (awkward)! Also whats great about this product and many more from TBS is its cruelty free, they use Fair Trade organic alcohol that is handmade from sugar cane by the 200 farmers of the Consorcio Agro-artesanal Dulce Organico (CADO). The body shops trade are helping CADO in its aim to give its members “a chance to fight poverty without losing their traditional way of life or destroying the environment”.  So if the banging scent isn't enough to give it a try then knowing the goodness behind it may be! :)

Im really hoping this next month doesn't go so fast lately i feel year year is going to be over before i know it! - anyone else feel like that!? 
Madge x

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