Monday, 27 October 2014

Urban Decay Vault!

Urban Decay is releasing the mother of all Naked sets — 'The Naked Vault'. No, that isn't some crazy sex den, although when i first heard the name i did think it sounded a little 50 shades of grey! If you are someone who is a massive UD fan like me, you probably already have  most, if not all of these products individually. And if you're new to Urban Decay and don't own any then why not do it in style and just get it all at the same time! - I know i would if i was a newbie, soooo worth it! 

So for those that aren't familiar with Urban Decay products il give you a little lowdown. All palettes are the standard full size, the Naked palette has a mix of nudes, bronzes, plums and a bit of grey.Naked 2 is slightly more cooler tones with a few more rusts and silver toned smokey shades and the Naked 3 is rose golds and pink infused shimmers.

The three duo ended kohl's are the 24/7 pencils which are extremely pigmented and have amazing longevity.The flushed palettes are a mix of blusher, highlighter and bronzer - perfect combo and great to carry in your hand bag! Last but not least are the three lip glosses which are all nude peachy/pink and super glossy.- something that I've not yet bought but love the look of them!

Image from Pixiwoo

Image from Pixiwoo

All of this comes as one complete set and is limited edition for £180.00which sounds crazy for make up BUT If you were to buy all of this individually it would be £255.00 so it's a saving of £75.00! And they really are investment palettes that will last you a life time, if i didn't already own the majority of this i would snap it up! Its the perfect christmas present I'm literally in love with the set!

These are exclusive to Selfridges and will be gone in no time, Urban Decay have an official waiting list which you can join now by visiting
They will be available to purchase online and in store from 1st November meaning  you have just under a week to pinch your pennies for the perfect purchase. - alliteration to the max there!

Like i said I'm in awe of this, totally besotted and would absolutely love it! But what do you think, is it urban decay overload, or are you as obsessed as i am!? - Let me know!

Madge x

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